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Similar trends in counties including Logan, Payne, Johnston, and Atoka warrant further investigation. While there is no evidence of a statewide shift in charging practices by prosecutors, the growing prison admissions numbers highlighted by Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform and FWD. That may be the case, but the data used in this report cannot answer those questions. Despite this limitation, the Open Justice Oklahoma report shows the power of court records to answer pressing questions about our justice system. All Oklahomans depend on our justice system to deal with crime and resolve disputes, and Open Justice Oklahoma will continue to conduct innovative analysis of court records to ensure transparency and accountability of these critical institutions.

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Ryan Gentzler joined OK Policy in January of as a policy analyst focusing on criminal justice issues, including sentencing, incarceration, court fines and fees, and pretrial detention. Thanks for this! Opponents raised this fear a lot before passage.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. The data reveal several trends: SQ reversed a long trend of increasing felony and decreasing misdemeanor filings across the state.

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Total felony filings fell by 14,, or Cases involving reclassified charges shifted sharply from felony to misdemeanor in FY The number of felony cases filed involving simple drug possession fell by 14,, or For statutory rape involving a minor younger than 14 and an adult older than 18, the penalty is at least five years in prison and up to a life sentence. Forcible rape usually varies by degree in the court system based on the severity of the situation. Prison sentences can range from one year to life, and offenders will usually have to undergo mental health treatment while in prison.

All rape offenders will be placed on the sex offender registry , which is typically a lifelong consequence. Other sex crimes listed above, including sexual assault and battery, internet solicitation and prostitution will be felonies if convicted.

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These are all considered to be severe crimes in the eyes of the law and extensive prison time should be expected if the charges are not fought in court. In addition to the significant jail time you could potentially serve if convicted, being placed on a sex offender registry can affect your life in numerous ways.

As a registered sex offender, applying for jobs will be extremely difficult. Essentially, you give up your privacy and your dignity.

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  • Society labels you a criminal — a particular kind of criminal at that. Preventing this permanent label can change the course of your future. Possession of a Schedule III, IV, or V substance, including marijuana, during the period of any court-imposed probationary term or within ten years of the date following the completion or execution of any sentence or deferred judgment and it is a second or a subsequent violation was a felony.

    When is assault and battery considered a felony in Oklahoma?

    Possession of any CDS within 1, feet of a school or in the presence of a child under 12 was a felony. For a first offense, the imprisonment was a term that is not more than twice the amount authorized by the appropriate and respective part of the statute.

    Process For Oklahoma Felonies:

    The law covering simple possession that was superseded on November 1, had harsher penalties than the law that superseded it. The law that went into effect on November 1, removed some mandatory minimums and reduced some maximums. Skip to content.