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Simmons when trading with her inferior, Colonel Stonehill Dakin Matthews, channeling Strother Martin, who played the part in the earlier film , though the boardinghouse lady wonderful Little Rock actor Candyce Hinkle seems to get the better of her.

New True Grit owes nothing to John Wayne, say directors

As Cogburn, Bridges has about as much fun as possible without quite sliding over the line from colorful to caricature. Finally, when the chief bad guy finally shows up, in the person of Josh Brolin, he seems less evil than dim and self-pitying, just as most bad guys generally are. I saw the original with my dad at the old Arkansas Theatre in downtown Little Rock when it came out.

We had to see it because 1. John Wayne was in it and , 2. Glen Campbell was making his acting debut. Let's listen. I wish I had liked it more. I'm such a huge fan of the Coen brothers. And I make a concerted effort with any of their films to not go in with heightened expectations.

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But it was hard with this one. And actually Barry Pepper in a very small role I thought was terrific. I didn't really like Jeff Bridges, and I didn't feel like as a whole it all came together for me.

Behind the Scenes on True Grit

It's not that it was his best performance, but it had kind of pulled from all the films that he had done before. And it's a good story, and in the first film It's based on a novel by Charles Portis, and basically her father gets killed and she takes it upon herself to go after the killer. And she will do anything that she needs to do in order to satisfy that vengeance. And the book is really her story. And the first "True Grit" was really more about Rooster Cogburn. This film, at least, I think it tries to have more of a balance between the characters.

And to make it more of her story again and to follow up more of what happens to her afterwards and how this whole thing affected her. They're tracing. They book a book and they trace it. There was nothing in this -- well there was no defense between this film and the original true grit. The films that they do in between the films that they're more passionate about. And it's just kind of like to keep them in shape.

Coen Brothers: Why Oscar hope True Grit is biggest hit - BBC News

Like we need to make a film, we don't have to spend too much time. This is an easy one. Last year they made a movie called "A Serious Man," which I think is just phenomenal. JOHN: Now, the clip that we just heard, the dialog sounded pretty realistic. What did you think of the spoken dialog? Apologies to Duchamp.

One of the exterior doors also visible here.

And the rest of the hall visible, out of focus in background. The lower floor, with staircases. Image source.

The upper floor. The large central room is the courtroom. This was an unexpected treat for a movie lover like me. But it inspires me to be more proactive in the future in referencing other movie locations before I take another trip! Be sure to comment below if you have had experiences of finding movie locations, or if you have suggestions of other Texas Film Sites I should profile. So neat! Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for reading, Vanessa.

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Like Like. Josh, we honeymooned in Marfa because of our unconditional love for the film Giant ! Not much left of the sets except for a portion of the facade of the Reata and a dummy oil well, but you can stay at the Hotel Paisano, where Liz Taylor, James Dean, and Rock Hudson stayed lovely old hotel.

Worth a visit if you like West Texas. Great suggestion.