Call of duty search and destroy tips

I recommend getting a pair of wireless headphones for two reasons. The first is that most high-end phones don't have a headphone jack anymore. Second, wires get in the way, and that's a more pronounced problem when you're gaming. Who wants a plug jammed into their palm while playing CoD? There are some really good wireless headphones on the market.

Check out the Bluetooth Headphones section in our Gift Guide for Gamers , which has some great options that range from somewhat budget to expensive, depending on how much you're willing to spend. Reload after battles. When you engage with an enemy and the battle finishes whether you kill them or either of you runs away , reload your gun right away. You'll likely be about half a magazine in, depending on the weapon.

You don't want to enter another battle with anything less than a full magazine. So remember, always reload right after.

Gamemode Overview: Search & Destroy

You'll always find that new players will stand still when engaging in battle. The thing is, a still target is easy to hit compared to one that's moving. If you're not familiar with the term, strafing is simply moving sideways while you're playing. You can strafe left to right, strafe in one direction, reverse, then go back in the same direction, you can add a jump or a duck The tricky part is learning to shoot accurately while you're on the move, but that will come with practice. This tip might seem obvious, but learn each stage. Call of Duty Mobile has five stages at launch , each with different layouts and vertical layers.

Knowing how to get each point quickly can help you avenge your death or give your teammate much need help. As you play the game, pay attention to the layout and take advantage of practice mode more on that in the next tip. Knowing where to go in the stage will always give you an edge over someone unfamiliar with the stage. Call of Duty Mobile can be difficult when you first start playing.

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Players come in at different levels, and if you're a beginner, it can be a very frustrating experience. You need to practice, and in Call of Duty Mobile, Tencent made this pretty easy to do. Under "Multiplayer," select the grey box in the bottom-right corner to see a prompt for the various game modes available.

Choose "Practice vs.

Search and Destroy

AI," select "Confirm," then choose "Start" on the main page. In this mode, you, along with four other human players, play against bots. Here, you can practice your strafing, learn the battlegrounds, and figure out the best weapon combination while playing easier opponents. If you can dominate these bots, you should be ready to take on human players. If you just recently started playing, my guess is that you usually lose more battles than you'd like. That's because many beginners and even seasoned players aim for the largest part of their enemy: their torso and legs.

16 Ways to Destroy the Competition in Call of Duty Mobile « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

But, as you know from any Hollywood movie, if you want to kill someone faster, aim for the head. Headshots will do significantly more damage than any body shot and substantially improve how many battles you win.

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These are not just for sniper rifles. When entering a fight, bring your sights higher to around their head and fire. Not every shot will be a headshot, but each one that is will deal more damage than the body shots your enemy is hitting you with and allow you to win that fight. Combine that with strafing , and you will never lose.

One way to improve your accuracy is to take advantage of the aim down sights ADS. I know that hip fire is easier, but it is less accurate. The slower gun travel with the ADS, the zoom depending on the scope , along with the crosshairs, all help you hit your target more times than miss them. One strategy I recommend doing is to ADS around corners, aim up for headshots. If you encounter an enemy, you're already ready to fire, giving you a leg up before they get their first shot off. As with every Call of Duty game, you can go on YouTube and search for the best weapon combination and find hundreds of videos of streamers' best loadouts.

But here's the thing: while some loadouts are better until patched , what's even better is the attachments that work for your playing style.


For example, if you are someone who fires quick, squeezing the trigger until the clip finishes for each battle, you want extended magazine and maybe fast mag. Call of Duty Mobile Team Deathmatch gamemode requires to kill players on the opposing team to reach the score limit. Find out about it more here.

Step 1: Rules

Call of Duty Mobile Frontline gamemode is a good mode for you to get high kill counts without random enemy spawn. Comment 0 Comments Zilliongamer Login. Team Deathmatch. There's lots of visual debris in Stack that you can hide behind. While the map is seriously tiny, the verticality and hiding spots can lead to some tense cat-and-mouse matches. Have one player scope the map from the elevated platform while the other charges in to deal close-quarters damage. Ground War mode drops up to 64 players into a gigantic map where you must work with your team to capture objectives and force the enemy on the back foot.

There are only two maps available for this mode so far. The quarry of Karst is the most reminiscent to Battlefield in Modern Warfare: this is a massive sprawling slog of a map where you have to press through various industrial sectors to repel the enemy. The main middle compound and the bridge in between are the perfect places in which to squad up and take a corner. Skulking around on rooftops is ill-advised unless you have a rocket launcher with which to shoot birds out the sky. The giant cityscape of Tavorsk is a dream for vehicle users rolling down its paved streets and turning enemies into roadkill.

Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Keep your head up and watch the tops of buildings for sniper muzzle flashes and RPGs. Also group up to raid the stairs and take down the devils up top. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Aniyah Palace Aniyah Palace is an extremely long and open map with a lot of structures in which to hide. Akrlov Peak Arklov Peak is a medium-sized, snow-laden map.

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  4. Azhir Cave Azhir Cave is one of the smaller multiplayer maps that mixes an outdoor desert section with a claustrophobic cave full of tight corners in which to camp. Euphrates Bridge This map is framed around a gigantic yellow bridge which offers great camping spots, but it's lit up like a Christmas tree due to its mustard hue.

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