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This record typically offers the criminal charges owned by the arrest, the law enforcement arresting the individual, and the jurisdiction in which the arrest was made. Arrest Report: When a person is put under arrest for suspicion of a crime, a report is filed. Arrest Warrant: When a court formally orders for the immediate arrest of an individual pertaining to a criminal case. Bail Bond : When an arrested individual cannot afford to pay their bail amount to get out of jail, they often contact third parties that loan them the bail money-with interest-and this is what is called: a bail bond.

Otherwise the alleged criminal is considered innocent.

This means the burden of proof falls to the prosecution. They must prove that a person is guilty. Charges Filed : Criminal charges are filed against a particular individual either at the time of or soon after arrest. City Check : This is a kind of online search offered at an online criminal records search site which offers valuable information on particular city areas for those seeking it.

Conviction : A criminal conviction occurs when the defendant in a criminal case is found guilty by the court overseeing the case after reviewing the pertinent probable cause and applicable evidence.

Crime : An act which is in direct violation of the city, county, state, or federal laws available. Crime Classifications: According to the criminal justice system, there are felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions-of which there are further classifications of crime-determined by the serious nature of the crime and the amount of harm incurred as a result. Criminal Charges: Charges are brought against an individual for the commission of a crime at the time of, or shortly after the arrest of the said individual. Criminal Justice : This term refers to the topic of criminal law, meaning how crime is processed, sentenced, and penalized; according to the jurisdictional laws in place to acquit the innocent and punish the guilty.

Criminal Law: The practice and regulation of formally evaluating those accused of criminal offenses for the purposes of acquittal from blame or applicable punishment. Criminal Public Records: Every crime and arrest has a particular criminal record assigned to it at all jurisdictions of the criminal justice system. These are called: criminal public records. Criminal Records Classification : Criminal records-during the processing of crimes and incidents through the criminal court and law enforcement system-are necessarily subject to a classification system.

This system organizes criminal records according to the nature of the crime and the jurisdiction in which the criminal is processed. Criminal Records Check A type of search that is conducted through an online check service that resources databases of the criminal records-at various jurisdictional levels-to check if there is a match in the databases they have, and if more criminal background information can be available to the person running the search.

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Criminal Records Search: When a person seeks to uncover the potential criminal history of a particular individual and the nature of this history in the criminal justice system. Defense: The side in a criminal court case that is defending the charges against them to include the defendant and their particular means of legal counsel. Defendant: The person who is accused by the plaintiff is the defendant. In civil cases, this is the person against whom the plaintiff brings suit. In a criminal case, it is the alleged criminal.

Due Process of Law: The due process of the law affords every individual the right to be treated with certain rights as evidenced in the reading of Miranda Rights-as dictated by the federal government in order for the processing of an offender to be fair. Evidence: The data and witness accounts to be used as proof that a particular person committed the offense in question.

Originally enacted in to help consumers fix errors in their credit reports, the law now also applies to the act of seeking a background check, particularly when the check is performed by an employer. To this end, employers must notify potential employees of any background check performed on the employee before the process begins. Infraction: Within the three basic classifications of crime, an infraction refers to the least serious of law violations-typically punishable by minor fines, etc.

Juvenile Criminal Records: Criminal records of persons who have committed crimes or been arrested by law enforcement, prior to being a certain age. These records are often expunged as a juvenile is not often deemed worthy of being old enough to make an informed decision. Misdemeanors, like felonies, are further categorized according to the severity of the crime committed into Classes A, B, and C-with Class A being the most serious and Class C misdemeanors being the least serious.

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Online Criminal Background Check : A common way that people go about seeking criminal records is by using an online background check. These online services check thousands of database records for criminal records listed at various criminal justice and law enforcement resources. Petit Jury: Also known as a trial jury, this group, usually made up of 12 people, is responsible for hearing presented facts and forming a unanimous judgement against an alleged criminal. In federal variants the number of jurors can be as little as 6. Preliminary Hearing: An appearance in front of a court which determines initially, if there is enough evidence for a trial if the defendant has already pleaded not guilty.

It can be a punishment in exchange for prison or for a lesser term. Probation Court: A type of court which deals exclusively with dealings of probation, to include both terms of probation as well as probation violations. Probation Violation: When a convicted criminal ordered to certain terms of probation, fails to serve the probation obligations correctly. Prosecution: The act of a person being formally charged and processed for a specific crime. Restitution: As a part of sentencing, many courts will require that a convicted criminal pay the victim of the crime a certain amount of money or value to apologize for the damages incurred.

This is called restitution. Search Criminal Records : The search for criminal records information is one that a person undertakes through an online and physical search at various information repositories-within the law enforcement and criminal justice system-which hold the criminal records for the individual in question.

The person can approach a search for this information with or without the help of a third party service. Sex Offender Check : This is a type of online search run through an online check service, which has access to database information on registered sex offenders.

Online check services run checks to locate sex offenders in a given area-as supplied by the seeker. Sex Offender Records : Popular means of criminal records, in which sexual crimes of particular individuals are listed with details to include: full name, address, a seriousness of the crime, etc-as stipulated by jurisdiction. Sex Offender Registry: Under Federal Law, every sex offender is required to register in a publically accessible database, every few years as well as every time they move or change jobs. Statute of limitations: This refers to the time in which a lawsuit is able to be filed.

The deadline can change depending on the jurisdiction, and the type of civil or criminal case. Verdict: This term represents the decision of a trial jury or petit jury that determines the guilt or innocence of a defendant. It almost always determines the final outcome of the case. Witness: Someone who has seen or had access to evidence that supports a particular criminal case.

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State: Please select What is a Criminal Record? Arrest Record When a person is arrested due to a perceived criminal act, an arrest record aka criminal record is created.

Do Employment Background Checks Find Warrants?

Arrest Warrant An arrest warrant is an official document that is signed by a judge and provides the police the ability to arrest a specific person. Misdemeanor A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that is considered a minor crime that is usually punishable by a fine or jail sentence of less than 1 year. There are a couple of charges listed for you in Georgia. Please reach out if there are any additional warrant or criminal record related questions. I would check with the county court clerk for the county in which you think you have a warrant.

I have included some useful links for you below. Please reach out if there are any additional New Mexico public records that you would like us to lookup for you. I do show that there is a Justin Cox in our database that has an outstanding Kentucky warrant. Do you have a middle name or address I can cross reference? Many people have the same name and often times the age is not enough to discern who is who. You should double check with the Denver court clerk to verify this. Sometimes there is a delay in the reporting of active warrants to 3rd party public record databases. Below is a link to their website.

I do show that there is an Alabama active warrant for a Cecil Simmons but none in Georgia.

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I would double check this against the Alabama state website, I have included the link below for you. There are also instructions on how to gain Amnesty from an Alabama warrant. I can certainly help you lookup an active warrant. I will need the full name of the person in question as well as their state of residency. Many people have the same and last name so if you can provide an address or age as well that will help filter the results so we can locate the correct warrant record for you. I do show that there is an active New Mexico warrant for you.

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Please let us know if there is any additional warrant checks we can lookup for you. If it is a recent warrant it might not be available in public record databases. I would recommend checking with the county court clerk where you think the warrant was issued. I do not show any active warrants in our database for you in Pennsylvania.