Franicis ann hawkins death records

Thomas Chew of St. No witnesses. Nicholas x Hawkins of St. Dated Nov. Recorded April 1, April 1, William Hawkins of Essex Co. Witnesses, Wm. Conner, Thos. Scott, Jas. Edward Coleman of Spts. Allen, also a. Winslow, Thos.

Recorded Feb. Elizabeth x Hawkins, widow and relict of Nicholas Hawkins, deed.

Deaths and obituaries

John Hawkins of St. A negro slave. Recorded July 3, Tract or parcel of land in St. Collins holds in right of dower of his sd. John Chew, John Estes, junr. No date of record. June 17, Joseph Hawkins of Spts, Co. Plummer Thurston of sd. Provided, that the title of Jane Hawkins to that part of the above land left her during her natural life by the will of her late husband, Joseph Hawkins, deed.

Parker, Nicholas Taliaferro, John Hawkins, jr. June 15, April 29, Collins, John Coleman, Robt. Hutcherson, Beverley Winslow, Thos.

James x Pritchett of Spts. A nogro slave. March 15, Sarah x Hawkins, relict of Philemon Hawkins, deed. Harendon, Willm. Soleman, Richd. Haley and Agatha, his wife, of Frederick Co. Ann, with Thomas Jones, and Agatha with Benja. Haley, etc.

Hawkins, deed. Collins, who sold the sd. Elizabeth, then to revert to the sd. Montague, etc.

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Clagett, Jr. Deed Book M. May 2, Martin Hawkins of Spts. Robinson and Wm. Mortgage, etc. Slaves, goods, chattels, etc. Witnesses, Richd. Dickerson, Jno. Thomas, Wm. Parker, Wm.

Nicholas Hawkins, Sr. Deed of gift to his son, Thos. Hawkins now lives, etc. Cammack, Henry Gatewood, Sr. July 6, Bradley, Warwick Ave. Dorsett, E. Pepper Place, Mesa, Ariz. Mitchiner, Military St. William L. Bennett, E. Mulberry, Phoenix, Ariz. Hawley, Hope St. Mace, Box , Parker, Idaho. Hugh Butts, Ildica St. Lily Ray Starks, Wheatland Ave. Lois Willis, W.

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First St. Bradley, Euclid Ave. Burgott, Judson Avo. Hawkins, Rto. Trotter, Jr.

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L, Clarksdale, Miss. Travis T. Tynes, Moore Ave.

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