Pinal county property tax records

The member Board is popularly elected. CAP is collecting this amount in order to have sufficient operational funds, to pay back the federal government for the costs of construction of the system and to help protect Arizona's future water supplies. Residential subdivisions developed after February can no longer rely on groundwater as their exclusive water supply.

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CAGRD replaces the groundwater you use through a process called recharge or replenishment. By State law, you must pay the cost of replacing the groundwater you use. This cost is included as a line item on your property tax bill and must be paid to the county along with your property tax payment. The county then transfers that money to CAGRD to be used to buy and recharge renewable water and related infrastructure to replenish the groundwater delivered to your home during the last year.

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You pay the cost of replacing the groundwater you used. Each year, water companies that serve subdivisions relying on CAGRD replenishment send a report of how much groundwater was used by each individual property. Based on those reports, CAGRD annually determines its total replenishment obligation for all of its members along with the cost to satisfy that obligation through the purchase and recharge of renewable water supplies. After that it's just using Excel commands to combine, filter and sort the data. I do have my own software that converts PDF files to Excel.

This is very detailed and Insightful Jerry, Thanks for taking the time as this looks like a whole lot of work. How easy was this to compile though the online auction? Which site hosted the Pinal County Auction?

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Most of the lists I have encountered are not that user friendly, i. PDF files with very little info other than APN and a legal description, so this is intriqing, especially since you were able to gather so much data.. Bryce, In Pinal county, if an investor bought the the first year lien last year Feb. If the investor pays, then the lien is not in the next auction and the investor is now earning interest on both years. If the investor does not pay the sub taxes and the owner has still not paid - then the tax lien is combined with the lien from the previous year and a new lien is sold in the auction that covers both years of taxes plus the interest earned on the first year lien.

If the lien is sold, then the first investor is paid off their original investment plus interest and they no longer have any claim on the parcel. There will only be one lien holder per property in Pinal county.

Pinal County Arizona Property Taxes -

So the existing lien holders either paid the sub taxes by Dec. In Maricopa county Arizona you have to purchase each year of liens separately - so you could have 3 different lien holders on the same property. In Florida, with a 2 year redemption, counties maybe all counties will sell each year's liens separately. Great post Jerry! Is there any way to filter what percentage of the bids were for 1st time delinquent liens? I am guessing that most of the bids were from existing lien holders purchasing the subsequent year liens?

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Ron Nicholson, Mohave County Assessor, shows how to lower your property taxes.

Real Estate Listings Buy and sell real estate deals or seek out partners, financing, etc. Get the book now. Once the meeting occurs, the Board of Supervisors will consider the offer but may also entertain higher offers from anyone present at the meeting. At the public meeting, the Board of Supervisors may vote to accept and approve the offer of the highest bidder for cash, or they may choose not to accept any of the current offers.

  • Online Tax Lien Auction Analysis - Pinal County AZ!
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Approved Offers If an offer is approved, the Board of Supervisors will direct the Clerk of the Board to convey a quit claim deed to the party whose offer was approved. The Clerk of the Board will prepare a quit claim deed, record that deed with the County Recorder and then issue the deed to the new parcel owner.