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Devon Anderson, one of the Episcopal priests organizing a campaign to rename the building. The Interfaith Coalition on Immigration holds monthly prayer vigils outside the building to show solidarity with immigrant detainees and their families. On Oct. Robert Two Bulls Jr. About a year ago, his congregation rallied to support a parishioner whose partner was picked up by ICE and eventually deported to Mexico.

Two Bulls told ENS it always seemed odd that a federal building would be named after an Episcopal bishop, and with ICE conducting enforcement from the building, the association with Whipple troubles him. His approach to the Dakota and Ojibwe in Minnesota was that of a colonizer, seeking to assimilate Native people into white culture while spreading Christianity, Romero told ENS.

Paul, noted how Whipple in ministered to the hundreds of Dakota who were held in an internment camp at Fort Snelling before the federal government forcibly relocated them to South Dakota. More than a hundred years later, part of Fort Snelling would become the site for the Whipple Federal Building, built in Before joining the campaign to rename the building, Wilson-Barnard had been attending the prayer vigils at the Whipple building for about a year. Immigrants, especially Hmong, make up a large part of her congregation, and she has accompanied some of them to immigration court in the Whipple building.

Whipple, who died in , was not mentioned by name in the program for the June 9, , dedication of the building, but Congress soon gave the building its present name based on a proposal by then-Sen. Walter Mondale, an Episcopalian, Romero said. He thanked The Episcopal Church in Minnesota for supporting efforts to raise awareness. The Episcopal Church has been outspoken on immigration issues in recent years, and in July , during General Convention in Austin, Texas, more than a thousand Episcopalians gathered at a prayer service outside an immigrant detention center in rural Texas.

General Convention later passed three resolutions related to immigration. One of the resolutions took a forceful stand against family separation and treatment of immigrant parents and children. Another resolution emphasized respecting the dignity of immigrants, while the third encouraged Episcopalians to seek ways to offer sanctuary or support to immigrants.

Episcopal convention approves a ‘pastoral solution’ on same-sex marriage

One of the ultimate goals of the Interfaith Coalition on Immigration in Minnesota is to win passage of legislation making Minnesota a sanctuary state, meaning state agencies would be barred from devoting resources to federal immigration enforcement activities. General Services Administration can take that action without seeking approval from Congress. Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. Photo: Diocese of Los Angeles. Good Samaritan Hospital was founded in by an Episcopal nun.

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West, president and chief executive officer of PIH Health. PIH Health and Good Samaritan will work together over the next few months to prepare for closing the transaction, followed by a transition period for the operations to be coordinated in a way that will be as seamless as possible for patients.

PIH Health is a nonprofit, regional health care network that serves approximately 2. For more information, visit PIHHealth.

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First located in a cottage, the hospital expanded two years later on land donated by St. In the hospital again moved to larger quarters on West Seventh Street and reopened as the Hospital of the Good Samaritan. The first Bishop of Los Angeles, the Rt. The Bishop Johnson School of Nursing became a vibrant institution associated with the hospital. Raphael, named for an archangel traditionally known for healing gifts and skills. Today Good Samaritan is a bed acute care center that serves the needs of a growing and diverse community. Known for its outstanding tertiary services, Good Samaritan has seven Centers of Excellence that focus on advancing the science of medicine while providing outstanding patient care with national and internationally renowned physicians.

Seaver Ambulatory Surgery Center and radiation oncology. The post Los Angeles Episcopal hospital affiliates with regional health care network appeared first on Episcopal News Service. Photo: Lambeth Palace. Archbishop Justin Welby has been traveling around key sites in India for the past 10 days at the invitation of the Churches of North and South India.

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He was pictured lying prostrate in front of the memorial commemorating years since the tragedy, when thousands of unarmed Indians of many different faiths were shot by British troops in Read the entire article here. This year, it put in motion plans to bring solar panels to all or nearly all of those communities. By the end of , Bishop David Rice hopes those solar panels will be installed and generating enough power to offset the energy usage of all Episcopal properties in the diocese. San Joaquin Bishop David Rice.

By providing space on their roofs or lots for solar power generation, the churches also may save a bit on their energy costs, but more importantly, the project is structured so that third-party developers will cover the expense of transitioning the diocese off fossil fuels. Cloudy days are the exception in the region. Sunshine is particularly abundant in the summer months.

Think of a retail chain like Walmart or Home Depot deciding to outfit all its warehouses with solar panels, he said. Harling explained to ENS that it is based on the general principle that all partners in the development bring something to the table: The diocese provides a location for the solar panels. A developer and financer commit to funding and installing the panels. A utility agrees to acquire the energy generated by the project for a certain rate over a period of time, usually 20 to 30 years, since solar panels begin degrading as they age beyond that, Harling said. Each location is unique.

Luis Rodriguez, priest-in-charge at St. Other congregations may only have limited space in which to install new panels, but even smaller components will generate renewable power. Taken as a whole, Harling determined that installing solar panels across diocesan properties could generate close to a million kilowatt hours of power in a year, the equivalent of a kilowatt power system, Harling said. Rice is pushing the diocese to move fast in implementing the project.

James Episcopal Cathedral in Fresno is another prime site for solar installation. The post San Joaquin plan would equip all churches with solar power to transition diocese off fossil fuels appeared first on Episcopal News Service. But now, surveying the damage in his own diocese in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, he sees that catastrophe mirrored. It was a horrific scene.

Sydney Brouillard-Coyle left , a youth delegate from the Diocese of Huron who identifies as gender non-conforming, queer and asexual, receives a blessing from Primate Linda Nicholls at the closing Eucharist of General Synod Bishops, priests, laity, officers and deacons alike have weighed in with concerns about the decision. Some bishops, including then-Primate-elect Linda Nicholls in her capacity as bishop of Huron, have outlined plans to exercise a local option for same-sex marriage in their dioceses.

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While two-thirds of the Order of Laity The final breakdown of the vote, which took place on July 12 at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre, was as follows: The Order of Laity saw 89 members The Order of Clergy had 60 members In the Order of Bishops, 23 members Almost immediately, delegates approached the microphones and asked about the process by which General Synod could reconsider a vote.

We have caused deep hurt. We are profoundly sorry. As the vote revealed, the Anglican Church of Canada is not of universal opinion on same-sex marriage. We choose now to walk as the self-determining Anglican Church of Canada in the Arctic.

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Archbishop Melissa Skelton released a pastoral letter saying that she would authorize the marriage of same-sex couples within the Diocese of New Westminster beginning Aug. In a statement to the Diocese of Huron, Nicholls authorized marriage to same-sex couples as a pastoral local option starting Aug.

This story was originally published by the Anglican Journal. Photo: University of Victoria via Anglican Journal. Once a year, in the spring, when Dantzer brings baby goats to campus, almost 1, students show up. The post Chaplaincy innovations at Canadian university bring students together appeared first on Episcopal News Service. A racial diversity survey of church leadership is underway.

White Episcopalians make up 90 percent of church membership, according to the Pew Research Center , compared to a U. Those are sobering numbers for a church committed to dismantling racism and segregation, said the Rev. Stephanie Spellers is canon to the presiding bishop for evangelism, reconciliation and creation. The Boston-based Mission Institute , which works in the Episcopal tradition to help churches and communities confront racism, will compile the survey data, along with interviews with selected respondents, for a final report that will be presented to General Convention in Spellers and other church leaders are counting on this audit to guide The Episcopal Church as it seeks to become more inclusive and bridge racial divides in an increasingly diverse America.

The framework is broken into four parts that are illustrated as a labyrinth: telling the truth about our churches and race, proclaiming the dream of Beloved Community, practicing the way of love in the pattern of Jesus and repairing the breach in society. A comprehensive census of the church, however, was too expensive to be feasible, Spellers said. Pursuing a more modest audit based on existing data also proved problematic because neither the Church Pension Group nor congregational parochial reports collect racial data.

One of the few recent attempts at quantifying diversity involved manually checking diocesan websites for staff photos and counting the number of people of color. For the churchwide audit, the Mission Institute will draw on its experience helping the Diocese of Massachusetts develop a more inclusive clergy formation process, and its subsequent interviews with bishops and clergy of color last year at General Convention. Its Diocese of Massachusetts work stemmed from a particular case, in which an African American woman who was on the path to ordination into the priesthood withdrew from the process, saying she did not feel welcomed.

Edwin Johnson told ENS. He is rector at St. The Mission Institute interviewed Episcopalians going through the discernment process in the Diocese of Massachusetts and produced a report the that identified six themes that suggested ways the diocese could become more welcoming, such as encouraging people of color to be themselves and understanding how a dominant white culture can blind leaders to the importance of race. There, the Mission Institute spoke with 18 ordained people of color, and their stories, experiences and perspectives were compiled anonymously in a report submitted to the racial reconciliation team last fall.

The report puts the words of its interview subjects front and center and encourages church leaders to learn from the observations and then act in ways that go further than adding more diverse members to committees or updating websites to show more people of color. Katie Ernst, interim director of the Mission Institute, suggested the church will need to approach the audit as a starting point.

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How the church responds will determine whether it makes progress in dismantling racism. The post Racial audit of church leadership seen as step toward ensuring Episcopal culture of welcome appeared first on Episcopal News Service. The global fight against the disease that has killed about 32 million people has made enormous progress since the s, with AIDS-related deaths down more than 50 percent since the peak in , and experts say ending the pandemic is now within reach. However, progress has slowed and infections are increasing in some regions , raising the possibility of a major resurgence in the s.

By , religious groups could come together and use their moral conviction and deeply engaged networks to end AIDS — or they could fail to do so, and the disease will continue to kill millions of people per year. Milan, who has been living with HIV since the s, said that many churches have historically focused more on ministering to the dead and dying than on prevention.