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In accordance with A. Ex-Officio Clerk of the Court The Clerk's presence at all court sessions is required by statute to receive and record court documents and exhibits, thereby establishing an independent record of court proceedings. In this role, the Clerk is responsible for ensuring proper documentation of court action, as well as public access to court records. Elected Departmental Administrator As the elected administrator of a court department, the Clerk has the responsibility to establish office policies, budgets, and procedures in accordance with the governing guidelines and policies of the Superior Court, the Supreme Court and Santa Cruz County.

Mission Statement To accomplish the prompt and orderly disposition of the business of the court as required by law. As the "gatekeeper" of the court, it is our mission to provide the public with the highest quality, efficient and effective service, while causing as little inconvenience as humanly possible, thus saving the public valuable time and energy AZTurbo Court The State of Arizona provides each Superior Court with the following TurboCourt forms for ease of use in Family Law cases.

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Arrow Left Arrow Right. The Leon County Clerk of Courts web site offers access to many searchable databases, including all public records. The Osceola County Clerk of Courts also has an electronic database of civil and criminal records. Brevard County Clerk of Courts web site links to a searchable database of court case information as well. The First and Second District Courts of Appeal have opinions and calendar information available electronically via their web sites.

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Box Tallahassee, FL Phone: Brevard County Clerk of Courts. The Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia both have opinions, rules and calendar information online. The Georgia Superior Court for Cobb County has court records, calendars and docket information available online. The Gwinnett County Courts have a civil and criminal case index, searchable by party name as well as court calendars available online.

Program titled Ho'ohiki' is Hawaii's online public records access system that allows users to search for case information by case name or case number. Court pleadings, sealed records, and confidential information are not available online. Ho'ohiki' has a detailed disclaimer which must be read before proceeding to the program.

Jodie Hagerman Staff Attorney S. The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals in Idaho have opinions, hearing and calendar information as well as Court rules online. The 1st Judicial District Court of Kootenai County provides downloadable opinions and schedule information on its web site. However, it does not appear that other state courts offer electronic access to their records.

Supreme Court and Appellate Court information. The Supreme Court provides electronic access to its opinions and docket information. The Appellate Court also has opinions online. Champaign County offers users access to specific case information via a subscription service called P. The subscription fees vary depending on who is requesting access and the number of people who will be using the system.

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The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals have opinions, rules, and oral arguments online as well. The city of Indianapolis, Marion County has an online service called CivicNet that allows users to access some civil and criminal records.

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CivicNet is a subscription service in which the cost varies. The Tippecanoe County Government web site allows users to search for court records electronically free of charge. The Delaware County Courts currently have criminal records available for the public to access online via the Muncie Library's database. Other records will be put online shortly.

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In , the Supreme Court of Indiana formed the Judicial Technology and Automation Committee JTAC to look into preparing and posting court records on the Internet, eFiling, developing standards for judicial technology and all related court technology. Tippecanoe County Court Records.

As part of the Iowa Courts Information System ICIS , the Iowa Courts Online website allows all users access to current court records, historical data, individual case financial information, document events filing, appellate case information, and probate records. The site will eventually have a section in which users will have to pay a fee to obtain records; however, only the free portion of the site is up and running now.

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The system connects all 99 counties in Iowa. The District Court of Shawnee County, while maintaining records on the Information Network of Kansas, allows users to search for case information free of charge on its web site. The Appellate Court also has a case inquiry system online in which users can check the status of appellate cases as well as get case information.

Information Network of Kansas: S. Kansas Avenue, Ste. Information Network of Kansas. Appellate Court Case Inquiry Database.

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Supreme Court Opinions and Docket Information. District Court of Shawnee County. Courts of Appeal Opinions and Docket Information. There is a county by county listing of docket information, and Hardin County will soon have available an online records search of their electronic documents. The Supreme Court of Kentucky also offers electronic access to its opinions, rules, and oral arguments calendar.

Circuit and District Court rules are also available on the Supreme Court's website. County by County docket information listing. Users have unlimited usage access to all of its online civil records. Baton Rouge City Court St. Maryland provides a remote dial-up access system in which most cases are searchable by party name or case number.

Access is available for a fee. Complete case information is somewhat restricted and limited to docket information with some exceptions. Case files that contain the complete case information are not available through the database and are not readily available in electronic form. However, a pilot program in the Baltimore City Circuit Court are underway to explore this. There are also electronic access terminals located in all courthouses, which are available for both the public and court officials to use.

Committee on Access to Court Records. The Massachusetts Probate courts allow users to order copies of records online but not actually view them online. Supreme Court opinions and a listing of oral arguments, organized by month, are available on the Supreme Court's web site. Supreme Court. Currently, the Michigan Supreme Court's administrative orders as well as existing and proposed rule amendments are available online on the Michigan Courts web site. The web site will soon make available all Michigan court rules only select rules are presently available online. Supreme Court Opinions are also available electronically.

The Washtenaw County Trial Court has a searchable opinions database, administrative orders, and court docket information online. The Cyber Court was established in and has concurrent jurisdictions regarding business and commercial actions including relevant technological areas such as software and the Internet.

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The proposed court rules include: eFiling; giving testimony over the Internet or via videoconferencing; serving notice via e-mail; and making the Cyber Court's proceedings accessible to the public at large. Michigan Court Rules and Orders. Supreme Court Opinions. Washtenaw County Trial Court.