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Copy link. Copy Copied. Board first attempts to convince us Teachers did not follow administrative remedies provided for in 68 O. These statutes contemplate a taxpayer's route of appeal from an adverse ruling as to the valuation or assessment of a particular piece of property. Our case is not a complaint by an aggrieved taxpayer who has had the value of his property increased.

Teachers are not challenging the valuation placed on any specific piece of property. Rather they allege Board is not complying with its duties, made mandatory by statute. The administrative remedy provided for in these statutes is not a method of attacking Board's failure to follow mandatory statutory duties. In this situation remedy of mandamus in district court was proper.

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Directive two concerns the urban improvements revalued by the assessor under 68 O. The basis of the writ is the legal duty of assessor to add the new value to the roll and the legal duty of Board to consider the new value and adjust the valuation of the property accordingly, even though the land on which improvements are situated has not been revalued. Board contends under Leyh v. Glass, P. It argues assessment roll may not be changed until land itself is revalued.

We do not believe this necessarily follows. Though land and improvements are taxed as a single unit, they are assessed separately.


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Assessor's duty to update roll is a yearly duty. There is no legitimate reason for his revaluation of improvements not to be reflected in property's value each year and placed on assessment roll in this manner. Property will still be taxed as a single unit. Assessor has been ordered by this writ directive two to correct the roll to reflect the revaluation of the improvements. We emphasize he has not appealed. We must then assume he will comply with directive two.

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  • When he has done so Board will have the correct valuations before it. Clearly the assessor must act before Board can perform its duty.

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    If the roll reflects the newly valued improvements, Board must utilize this when equalizing. All that will be left for Board to do is to comply with the statutory duty reiterated by the writ, accept the assessment roll as revalued and proceed with its statutory duty to equalize. Directive two uses statutory language ordering Board to comply with its duties imposed by 68 O. Maintains records of court expenses, payroll, budget, judicial reports, bondperson records, notary services.


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