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A Vehicle Identification Number, despite its name, is actually made up of 17 characters of both numbers and letters in any combination that a manufacturer decides upon. The first character in a VIN may be either a letter or number and tells where in the world the vehicle was manufactured. The VIN identifies were the car was actually made, which may be different from the manufacturers home country.

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In some countries in Europe though, it may be the country where the manufacturer has its headquarters. The first three characters, which includes the country identifier digit is part of the World Manufacturer Identifier WMI. However, if the manufacturer builds less than vehicles per year 9 will be the third digit and 12, 13, 14th position part of the production number will make up the second part of the manufacturer's WMI.

How to Find the VIN Number?

This section is often used by service mechanics to identify certain systems installed by the manufacturer so that the car can be properly serviced. The 9th character is a check character.

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Here is an example that includes common code elements:. Digits four through eight might also be coded for information on the transmission used, the grade of the car i. The last six digits, 12 through 17, are production sequence numbers, although small manufacturers that make fewer than cars per year use the 12th, 13th and 14th digits as additional manufacturer identification codes. Production sequence numbers identify the vehicle itself, sort of like a serial number.

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Since each manufacturer has a different code, and each car produced by the same factory has its own production sequence number, every car produced in a given year has a unique VIN. European VINs are not required to include year, factory or vehicle attribute data.

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However, the two systems are compatible. While most countries have some form of VIN system that is compatible with the North American system, cars that are imported must have their VIN number entered into the MVR database along with enough information to explain what the codes are if the original VIN system differs from the ISO standard.

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The check digit for a VIN is obtained through a number of mathematical steps. Each letter used in a VIN has a corresponding number value, while numbers stay the same. Therefore, the VIN becomes a string of 17 numbers with a space in the ninth position, where the check digit goes. Each position in the VIN has a weight -- the number of times that digit is multiplied.

For example, the weight of position one is eight.

How to Read a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

A computer multiplies the number in position one is by 8. Then it multiplies all 16 numbers by the appropriate weight for their position in the VIN, adds the results together and divides that result by The remainder becomes the check digit. If the remainder is 10, the check digit is X. This vehicle has the VIN on the inside of the driver's side door. Selling History — Provides records of price changes and the history of the places where the car was previously listed and sold.

Condition — analysis of mileage, positives and negatives about the vehicle, and other resources like theft record, recalls and vehicle history when provided by the dealer. Projected Depreciation — estimates how much the car will depreciate over 1, 3 and 5 years and in comparison with similar cars.

Supply Analysis — Tells users the number of similar vehicles for sale within the local area. A car with many similar cars could give shoppers bargaining power. Best Time to Buy and Sell — as with houses, cars also exhibit seasonal fluctuations. We analyze when or what months may get you a better price. Theft Record — Checks if a vehicle has been reported as stolen.

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The comprehensive and user-friendly report combines vehicle information with a detailed market analysis to provide used car buyers with all the information they need in one place to help them make informed purchasing decisions. By getting a free vehicle history report by VIN, consumers will better understand the condition of the vehicle and will be able to better anticipate future problems.

A CARFAX report is a vehicle history report that will tell you if the vehicle has any issues and provide insight as to how it was cared for.