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These firefighters weren't from the fire department — they were from a nearby correctional facility.

California employs about 3, inmates as part of the state's Conservation Camp program , which provides critical support to state and federal agencies responding to emergencies such as wildfires, floods and other disasters. About 2, of those inmates are authorized to fight fires.

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As multiple fires rage across California, the role firefighting inmates play is coming under renewed scrutiny. Despite their extensive training and heroic efforts in times of crisis, these inmates are often denied roles in fire departments after they're released because of their felony records. The bill has stalled in the state government, but may be considered again in January, Farouk says.

Currently, most fire departments require candidates to have an EMT license, which Farouk says is extremely difficult to acquire with a felony conviction. Reyes's bill aims to provide a path for former inmates to become professional firefighters after their release. Under the Conservation Camp program, which is jointly run by the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the Los Angeles Fire Department, only low-security prisoners with a record of good behavior are eligible. Those who volunteer receive the same entry-level training that the state's seasonal firefighters receive.

They can also earn reduced sentences. The wages are higher than most other prison jobs, but come with significantly greater risk. Since , at least six incarcerated firefighters have died on duty. Mailing in your order? Click Here to download the order form!

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Prepaid accounts are especially handy when ordering media for your U-TAB7 device. Inmates can order games, music and ebooks can be ordered as often as you like and now the prepaid accounts makes it easier than ever. Try it today!! Inmates in the California Department of Corrections are allowed certain items that are referred to as Special Purchase items.

These items consist primarily of electronics such as radios, walkmans, CD players and televisions.

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These orders have no weight or package size restriction and can be purchased at any time of the year. Accessories such as headphones, earbuds, coaxial cables, splitters, adapters, typewriter supplies and music accessories must be purchased with the entertainment appliance to be counted as Special Purchase. If accessories are purchased without an appliance, they will be counted as a Quarterly Package Order.

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See our FAQ tab for more details. California Handicraft Program. Handicraft Items are considered Special Purchase orders and cannot be purchased with your Quarterly Package. All handicraft items are per institutional discretion so please verify that your institution allows these items before placing your order.

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Inmates, families and friends can purchase religious items as a separate Special Purchase Order only. Please see the Product Info and Restrictions section for more information on allowable religious items and limits. San Quentin Mainline Quarterly. Please note that if the inmate is considered Condemned Grade A or B orders still must be placed via phone, fax, or mail.

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  • Once you have your inmate's number you may return to place your order. Please note this link will open up an external website in a new browser window.

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    Inmates, families and friends can purchase religious items as a separate Special Purchase Order or as part of a Quarterly Package Order. We would like to provide your inmate with the most fashionable and stylish dress out clothes in the market to help them sucessfully transition back into society. Dress out Clothing packages are typically required to be received within 30 days of paroling, however, each facility may have different rules and regulations so please check with your facility for further details.

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