North carolina dwi law penalty sentencing

If you are accused of driving while impaired, do not try to act as your own attorney. We will bring the case against you to its best possible conclusion.

DWI Testing

Scott and his team at Lawsmith are very professional and knowledgeable. If you need any legal advice or representation I would highly recommend calling.

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  6. Aggravating & Mitigating Factors in a North Carolina DWI.

Scott is honest, fair, reliable, and very trustworthy! And ta.

What Are the Penalties for DWI in North Carolina?

Scott is an excellent lawyer who deeply cares about his clients. He is very smart and knows the law very well.

Level 5 DWI Punishment:

I would highly recommend you use him. NOTE: Except for paragraph 5, the aggravating factor must have occurred during the same incident as the impaired driving offense.

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  • Get Help Now: If probation is imposed, it must include the condition that the defendant abstain from alcohol for at least days and undergo a substance abuse assessment and related treatment or education. Any two of the other grossly aggravating factors are present.


    Sometimes that is possible. Other times there is no way to avoid a suspension, depending on the facts of the case. People need to drive to work, to take care of their families and to even support themselves. These clients rely on their DWI lawyer for knowing the various ways to protect driving privileges, or obtain limited driving privileges, if possible, and when an ignition interlock device is required to do so.

    There are technically differences and as stated the laws in North Carolina for DWI does not require drunk driving. More importantly, if you call, we will take the time to explain the NC DWI laws to you, making certain to point out the differences between driving while intoxicated vs.

    Practice Areas. These factors are considered at sentencing: A BAC level of 0.

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    • Aggravating Factors.
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    • Harrington, 78 N. There are several different ways your license can be revoked for DWI in North Carolina: Willful refusal to submit to chemical analysis DWI breath test or blood sampling ; Alcohol concentration of 0.

      DWI Felony in North Carolina

      Habitual impaired driving a A person commits the offense of habitual impaired driving if he drives while impaired as defined in G. Fine Amt. Those offenses are: Impaired driving under G.