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Roaring, he came lurching to his feet, throwing the thing violently aside. It went to one knee, began to rise again. Bran ripped Hodor's longsword from his belt.

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Deep inside he could hear poor Hodor whimpering still, but outside he was seven feet of fury with old iron in his hand. Hodor is essentially Bran's thrall. And this is what's going to happen inside of Drogon to Drogo when Euron second lifes Drogon. Drogo who represents Drogon's living fire, becomes Euron's thrall, Euron takes control and Drogo is pushed down deep, and so the beast takes on more of Euron's influence.

Consider the use of the word thrall in the text, a part of Ironborn culture, thralls are kept somewhat as slaves, and many below deck unseen to row for the ship captains. He wet a cloth in a basin of warm water to wipe the sweat and oil from his skin.

Savage beasts he did not fear, nor any man who had ever drawn breath, but the sea was a different matter. To the Dothraki, water that a horse could not drink was something foul; the heaving grey-green plains of the ocean filled them with superstitious loathing. Drogo was a bolder man than the other horselords in half a hundred ways, she had found … but not in this.

The blood betrayal is a poisoning of the soul inside of Drogon.

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The stone beast's limbs will in time, as the greyscale turns them to stone, break, shatter. Back to the Grey King.

He literally makes his home and throne within Nagga, and rules from there. This is very straightforward symbolism of Euron taking his second life within the Dragon, living on inside of it. The Grey King had an unnaturally long life span compared to regular humans, as did the Bloodstone Emperor. As do dragons and those who second life them. The Grey King turned more and more grey, this represents the spread of the greyscale, through Euron first and then the stone beast. It's going to happen gradually, the stone beast is going to turn more and more to stone and more and more sea based.

The Drowned God turned Nagga's bones to stone, as the greyscale will turn the stone beast Drogon to stone. The bones are actually pale white, perhaps in it's final solidified rock form the stone beast will turn white.

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Black to grey to white. The Grey King eventually died, returning to the sea, and his throne returned to the sea as well, as the stone beast will eventually end up on the bottom of the ocean. The deeds attributed to the Grey King by the priests and singers of the Iron Islands are many and marvelous. It was the Grey King who brought fire to the earth by taunting the Storm God until he lashed down with a thunderbolt, setting a tree ablaze.

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The Grey King also taught men to weave nets and sails and carved the first longship from the hard pale wood of Ygg, a demon tree who fed on human flesh. The Grey king tricked the Storm God into giving him fire. Euron will trick Dany of a sorts and take her fire.

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The flesh eating is about the grey scale that the stone beast will breathe. The Hoare Ironborn kings and particularly their last seat foreshadows Euron and the stone beast. Black stone, monstrous and twisted, Harrenhal is a likeness of the stone beast. Hoare beggared the Riverlands in making his the largest castle in Westeros which dominated the Riverlands and Trident. As the stone beast will spread disease and corruption over that same land.

In his pride, Harren had desired the highest hall and tallest towers in all Westeros. Forty years it had taken, rising like a great shadow on the shore of the lake while Harren's armies plundered his neighbors for stone, lumber, gold, and workers. Thousands of captives died in his quarries, chained to his sledges, or laboring on his five colossal towers. Men froze by winter and sweltered in summer. Weirwoods that had stood three thousand years were cut down for beams and rafters.

Harren had beggared the riverlands and the Iron Islands alike to ornament his dream. And when at last Harrenhal stood complete, on the very day King Harren took up residence, Aegon the Conqueror had come ashore at King's Landing. I say again, we ought to be marching on Harrenhal. Harrenhal was a testament to Harren's pride, as the stone beast is testament to Euron's, his desire to become a sole god and be worshipped by all. Archmaester Hake tells us that the kings of House Hoare were, "black of hair, black of eye, and black of heart.

True ironborn had salt water in their veins, the priests of the Drowned God proclaimed; the black-blooded Hoares were false kings, ungodly usurpers who must be cast down.

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She remembered Old Nan's stories of the castle built on fear. Harren the Black had mixed human blood in the mortar, Nan used to say. As blood is the mortar for Harrenhal, the stone beast becomes the stone beast because of the bloodlines mixed inside of it. A new god shall be born from the graves and charnel pits. Then Euron lifted a great horn to his lips and blew, and dragons and krakens and sphinxes came at his command and bowed before him.

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Worship me, and I will raise you up to be my priest. A charnel pit refers to a mass grave without order, just a multitude of bits and pieces tossed in together. From google, disarticulated human remains from many individuals. And that's what the stone beast is, a mix up of blood lines within the one entity. There is already the dragon blood, Euron himself brings kraken blood, greyscale also, and more which I'll get to. Note GRRM saw fit to include the below in which the Ironborn are theorised to be their own distinct people as far as descent goes.

According to their faith, the ironborn are a race apart from the common run of mankind. Even among the ironborn there are some who doubt this and acknowledge the more widely accepted view of an ancient descent from the First Men—even though the First Men, unlike the later Andals, were never a seafaring people. Certainly, we cannot seriously accept the assertions of the ironborn priests, who would have us believe that the ironmen are closer kin to fish and merlings than the other races of mankind.

Archmaester Haereg once advanced the interesting notion that the ancestors of the ironborn came from some unknown land west of the Sunset Sea, citing the legend of the Seastone Chair. The throne of the Greyjoys, carved into the shape of a kraken from an oily black stone, was said to have been found by the First Men when they first came to Old Wyk.

Haereg argued that the chair was a product of the first inhabitants of the islands, and only the later histories of maesters and septons alike began to claim that they were in fact descended of the First Men. But this is the purest speculation and, in the end, Haereg himself dismissed the idea, and so must we.

The stone beast is made up of multiple bloodlines, some associated with magical beasts. It is a sphinx. This is what sphinxes are, how they're created. And in that there is foreshadowing. Alleras the sphinx is the daughter of a sea captain and prince of Dorne. The stone beast is the result of the union between Euron and Arianne, a sea captain and princess of Dorne.

And Sarella is black skinned. Stone supplants Drogo's fire within and no longer can it breathe fire.