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Phone: Fax: E-mail: wthomasceo1 aol. Phone: Fax: E-mail: orleansf bellsouth. Not at journey that would interest many people, if it were really about the author, except that what has been discovered in that journey should interest all because of its real effect on us all. This new section starts immediately below "Contact Us" on the legend on the left hand side of this page and is titled " Louisiana - It's Darkness of "Just-Us".

Just click on that title to begin now, or read further, if you wish to know more foundational information. Yes, at the bottom is exactly where this new series of pages belongs! A battle of cultures Light against Darkness Life against Death.

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This darker or negative side cannot be raised to the level of prominence along with all else on this website that is so positive. This new section of this website will attempt to evidence one area of the darkness in Louisiana. A darkness that manifests in many ways because, as you will later read, it is in the legal justice system. The only reason the author can even know about it is because that is where this author, as a non-attorney, has been called to journey for 33 years.

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Many of those years have been pro se. The author has first-hand seen persons, that have been allowed to sit in seats of earthly authority, over persons perceived to be "lower" people, act unjustly. Those acts will be evidenced. As scripture repeatedly shows, that is not a new phenomenon but one often experienced by many throughout history. That is not a good reason to accept such activity in Louisiana. In Louisiana, there is a two-tier system of justice. What some get penalized for, some walk freely from. This will be particularly and expressly demonstrated by what will be displayed in these new pages.

The system in place now is selectively oppressive and poorly self-regulated. Of course, the persons in power will say that this is all ridiculous. They will say we are in good hands. But, consider the source of that response. It is not about any particular political party or individual persons many deceased. Individuals can change party affiiation depending on what is the most opportune for them at a particular time. No, it is about a self-perpetuating "system" that crosses over party lines.

It is also much bigger than individuals as well and outlasts any one person. This particular story personally began for the author in the second term of Governor Edwin Edwards in and it has continued until today through the following administrations. It is an interesting and amazimg phenomenon that has worked equally well through each. Interestingly, on the night of Governor Mike Foster's re-election in , in accepting victory over William J.

Especially, Romans Chapter 12 verse That is my favorite! If he was being truthful that night, he should be very supportive of this website's new work.


For much more on the "little ones", click here. There has always been persons that were willing to take from the "smaller" people of Louisiana. BP believes us to be small. There also are other persons that will be identified that were willing to participate in the wrongdoings that will be described. They have participated for their own little share of the "pie" that they are allowed to keep. That piece of pie can take many forms. Oftentimes, one might be catapulted to the highest levels of one's profession. LIke chickens feeding on cracked corn from the hand of their "master".

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They run from here to there looking for the next "kernel" of corn that might be thrown their way. Forced into silence by what is called an attorney professional code. One outspoken attorney, openly speaking their concience in public about an unjust legal system, can easily become an example to all others about what not to do.

After personally filing many complaints over the years, it is apparent that an effective tool for selective discipline is LADB. With that tool in place the system can control all with law licenses. Each must walk in lock-step. Our daily ives consist of byzantine layers of spiritual warfare with many spiritual battlefields around us.

For most, this reality sounds ridiculous. For the author, and many others, it is not ridiculous at all, but extremely real. It is more real It is so real, in fact, the Church calls the living members the "Church Militant".

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That name is not given without meaning and obligation is attached to it. For this author a non-attorney , this spiritual battlefield that you will read about on these new pages, has played itself out in the courtrooms of this State and the cold halls of various regulatory agencies. These are the bodies that have been given the authority to address environmental issues across Louisiana.

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  7. Those issues effect each and every one of us and our families in numerous ways. These new pages will attempt to ellaborate on those ways and how they affect the public. The visitor will see courts and agencies filled with good people that have failed to do their job for the public good! For, as believers, if we would jointly charge upon those gates with faith, the darkness behind those gates could not prevail against us. For the last 33 years this author has seen good people, on occasion, do some really bad things. There had to be individual consciences pricked over certain actions.

    No doubt those persons have carried this burden for years. To say all this is not first spiritual is very secular, naive and simplistic. It is deadly because Sin Kills Eternally!