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So, before you rush to market, get an accurate picture of its quality and authenticity. Having unrealistic price expectations for your diamond is the fastest way to disappointment with any ultimate sale. Alternatively, do the legwork yourself. Look at prices of completed eBay sales for diamond jewelry with similar characteristics; check out comparable new diamonds in retail stores and online, and factor in a discount for your pre-worn jewel.

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Resellers of diamond jewelry have two options: sell to the jewelry industry or to the public. The primary advantage of selling to someone in the jewelry industry is time. Since they intend to make a profit from your stone, they have no reason to pay anywhere near retail value. Like eBay, the site allows sellers to list diamond jewelry with pictures and descriptions.

However, unlike eBay, once a buyer and seller make a deal, both the ring and money are sent to the site. Also consider giving your jewelry to a consignment shop or dealer to sell for you.

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If you choose this option, never fail to obtain strong dealer references, says Beaty. They have become very rare finds. Many old-school video games are worth far more than the average person understands. If you are or were a gamer as a kid, this is your chance to put that knowledge to good use! Read more here. If you can pick them up at discounted rates, the profit margin potential is huge.

These kinds of flips tend to be high-risk, high-reward, but the profits can be extremely high. Here is a list of some of the most profitable high end items to flip:. You can often resell many of the items without repairing or refurbishing them, while items in need of repair may not require too much effort or special skill. Here are our best tried and true tips for making sure you can turn a profit on items before you buy them or pick them up for free:. Before you buy or pick up any items to resell, conduct a few quick searches for similar items on Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Sure, most goods will have some wear and tear. When researching on Ebay, you may notice major price variances among similar items based solely on age difference.

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Once you know what items to flip for a profit, you can begin searching for new items to get started. Your own home is a great place to start, as you likely have many items sitting around in your basement, attic, or garage. After searching your home, garage sales and estate sales are often the next place to start. After checking your home and local garage sales, thrift stores like Salvation Army and Good Will, and even discount wholesalers like Big Lots are good places to turn. However, there are a few simple things you can almost always do before you list your items to make sure you maximize the profit potential of each item you flip:.

Thanks to the power of the internet, this task is much easier today than it was for my Grandpa many decades ago.

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I recommend trying to sell your flipped items in the least expensive way possible to start. If you have many quality items ready to sell, have a garage sale or list them for free on Facebook Marketplace. You could even list them for sale on your personal Facebook page. Just make sure to post well-lit pictures with good descriptions. You can also find and join local garage sale and item swap Facebook groups in your area and request to join them. Many people try to use these groups to unload junk, so your quality finds will really stand out, especially if you take crystal clear pictures and provide vivid item descriptions.

Your exposure will definitely be higher than on Facebook groups, but the Craigslist interface is a bit old and clunky, in my opinion. Finally, Ebay is on obvious and easy option for selling your items. Here is how it works:.

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Decluttr buys your items directly from you. LetGo is increasing in popularity in many areas as the go-to free app to buy and sell unwanted stuff. Some people may have personal and ethical reasons why they may not want to flip items for profits. I personally believe there are both honest and dishonest ways to find items to flip and make a profit. Some even have preview sales for their regular customers. Luxury goods, for example, offer the potential for profit even if they aren't of the vintage variety. One of the best ways to find out about flea markets not to mention antique shows, crafts fairs, and the like in your area that sell mainly antiques is to check online event calendars provided by a variety of antique publications.

General auctions used to hold more potential for resellers than they do now, at least in many areas.

The trick is to arrive early to inspect the goods you might be interested in bidding on to make sure the pieces are authentic nothing stings like buying a reproduction at an auction and in good condition. Take notes of lot numbers, and determine how much you can reasonably pay for a piece and still turn a decent profit.

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To locate auctions in your area, check your local newspaper or consult a service like liveauctioneers. Some people have great luck shopping at thrift stores for antiques and collectibles. Those who swear by them say to find out the day of the week they stock new merchandise and hit them then.

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It may also pay off to establish a rapport with the employees at your local thrift stores. Then, leave your card with them so they can call you in the event items that might interest you are stocked. These days brick and mortar antiques shops and malls can be hit or miss when it comes to finding old goods priced reasonably enough for resale. Unfortunately, some are filled with garage sale junk and not much else.

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One tip seasoned buyers offer is to walk every aisle in an antiques mall in one direction, and then turn around and walk it in the opposite direction to get a different perspective. Not a bad idea if you have the time. In some instances, this is true.