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Jungle Brother True Blue , 2. Changes, 3.

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Black Man On Track, 4. Toe To Toe, 5. Moving Along, 6. Where You Wanna Go, 8. Brain, 9. Handle My Business, Bring It On, The group signed with the label when the band was dropped by its previous label because of the extremely poor performance of its last two albums.

And aiming to make music a visual experience. Julien Mier is a composer, instrumentalist, sound sculptor but in the first place an artist. In his own words, he "combines found sounds with found objects to create a cascade of melodic, textural and rhythmic patterns. To use fragments which have no existence on itself, the composition is his instrument to blend pointless musical words in a meaningful way. Julien Mier enters with a release of yet another 12'' record called "Jane's Junkyard. This dj and producer from Gent, Belgium has released various kind of electronic music under a number of aliases As a dj and live act he travelled all around the world, playing shows all over Europe, Japan and the United States..

Knex wants to venture into the deep space of bass driven music His first release is on Mindtrick Records! Formed in Barcelona in while they were students. Loop Stepwalker.

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As a professional mastering engineer and sound designer, he has developed a state-of-the-art approach to sound engineering and music production, a skill well translated into his own tracks and live sets. Notorious for his trippy, highly energetic performances, Mobthrow delivers a top-notch mutated fusion of heterogenous genres ranging from IDM and nu-jazz to drum'n'bass and dubstep, by blending instruments, found sounds and heavily processed sources, while balancing between aggressive outbursts, detailed sonic patterns and atmospheric ambiences. Intelligently extreme while also complex and sinister, his music preserves an industrial harshness only as a masterful touch to his explosive, heavyweight material.

Be prepared for a haunting, mind-twisting journey, straight from the underground to the collapsing ones. Also a SAE college graduant and therefore knows exactly what he is doing with his dark variety of Bass music. He wanted to do more and be creatively free, so over the years he expanded his sound and created a vision on music which is absolutely unique.

Foley type sound design, heavily edited sample melancholy and brutal basslines put together in an extraordinarily unique and natural sounding fashion, utilizing all disciplines electronic music production has to offer. Like a novel has chapters the individual songs become part of a larger composition, compelling the listener to hear how the story ends.

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Incredibly diverse and still maintaining a very distinctive style Nour Fawzi's pristine mixing fuses a striking array of audible oddities, nostalgic, brutally dark, wondrous and at times even delicate. Music without limitations! Facebook Soundcloud. Pornologic combines micromusic with four-to-the-floor elektro and goes way over the top during his energetic live performances. Time and again he lives up to his reputation of a havoc wreaking hooligan. Crowds all over the world couldn't help themselves and went on dancing way past the time any sane person should already be asleep!

Drawing inspiration from oldskool computer music, electronic toys, synthpop and advancements in technology and science, this nerdy anti-hero guarantees a wildly theatrical live-show that is bound to leave the audience screaming for more and wetting their pants in expectation for the next time Pornologic flies his spaceship into town! His productions have been gaining worldwide recognition for several years now, and supported by DJ's like R.

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He began producing in and 2 years later began to DJ. Making DnB with his own personal flavour, so don't expect anything standard! Also part of the Dutch Eskalation Crew! Originally formed as an electronica band with guest vocalists, after a while they decided to take their music into a new direction. Having a specific love for dubstep related music, it didn't take long before they found their new style. Not only his favourite artists influenced him Burial, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin and many more but also other forms of art, literature and cinema contribute to his uncommon style, which can be heard on his first album: The Grey Lights.

His relentless work includes all the basic musical elements, which make Samuele's music unique: he clearly intends to create sound which is outside of specific music genres. His music is about research and experimentation, exploration of sound and highly imaginative. The Grey Lights is the best proof of this - and it is only the beginning. Roel Funcken. Roel Funcken is a musician, DJ and producer from the Netherlands.

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He is one of two members of Funckarma - the other member is his brother Don Funcken. Last but not least on the Funckarma self-operated Funcken Industry record label. I believe I have a unique vision on music in its pure form, an unrestrained funck. Structure in the sense of driving rhythms, freeform melodics layered over each other in complex structures.

He started producing tracks when he was about 15 years of age, in the early ' The moment he heard the first electronic music tracks on underground dance radio shows, he knew he wanted to take part in creating this kind of music. The last few years he got heavily inspired by the English electronic music styles, like Bass, Future Garage and dubstep. Experimenting with different styles and creating new techniques to make unconventional sounds is the biggest source of inspiration for him, and will be in the years to come.

Semiomime Detailled, deep, pristine: the adjectives often used to describes Noel Wessels's output as DJ Hidden or The Outside Agency are even more accurate for his new Semiomime project. Semiomime creates music which is like a evocative and changing soundtrack to a yet-to-be-written movie, ,multi-instrumental music writing and production. Close your eyes and let Semiomime guide you through his mysterious, intimidating but not unfriendly sonic journey.

Sinister Souls.

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After 6 years of producing tunes, individually and together, they decided to take the next step and send out some of those tunes. Taking on the road of Dubstep for their main focus.

Jungle Brothers - Black Man On Track

Making an unique sound at a bpm tempo. Variation is a key element, no moments of dozing of into endless monotone subs and continues beats.

They set out for the noise that makes you want to jump up and put on your bassface. Now, Sinister Souls will blow that sound out of your speakers, or any other means of sound manifestations near you. Check out the homepage for upcoming shows. Straight Out the Jungle 2. What's goin' On 3. Black is Black 4.

Jimbrowski 5. I'm Gonna Do You 6. I'll House You 7. On the Run 8. Behind the Bush 9. Because I Got it Like That Sounds of the Safari Jimmy's Bonus Beat The Promo. People also bought.