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Not so here with the array of funky icons. Only the Cotton and White programmes will take the full 11kg; the rest are half that or 1kg for Delicates. The Sports programme caters for 4. That seems incongruous as surely sports clothing is highly likely to be heavily soiled with mud or sweat? The Duvet option caters for down-filled bedding and garments such as puffer jackets.

The Rapid 30 programme is a half-hour wash for a 4kg lightly soiled load, and the Colours 15 cycle is a cold wash to keep that cerise shirt vibrant. To wash then dry automatically, there are two dedicated programmes catering for a 1kg load in 45 minutes and a 2kg load in 90 minutes.

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This, says Whirlpool, creates the perfect level of humidity to keep your garments fresh for up to 6 hours while they wait to be unloaded. The key is a child lock… Okay, we got that one without the manual. Compared to many modern machines that would be a bit noisy, noisy and loud respectively. The wash generally sloshed along at around 50dB with the double-skinned door — typical of washer dryers — helping sound insulation.

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At the very end of the spin phase, when the machine had worked up to the full rpm, we measured a respectable 78db. Most impressive was drying, with the general noise burbling along at a very hushed dB. That might just be valve opening or programmer relay click, which only happens briefly. For the Whirlpool that would be a mountainous 8. To get the door closed without it being pushed back open, we had to reduce the load to 7.

Although, 7. The stain results were good, if interesting. The easier blood, coffee, ketchup and cranberry had all been removed completely, without so much as a shadow stain left behind.

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Both stains were clearly visible after the fact and very bold with it. We retried the test a few times with similar results and debate ensued across the team. The regular stains were very well cleaned, so does this suggest exactly the opposite? The conclusion was pragmatic in that Frankie pointed out that she had never had the need to clean either turmeric or engine oil from clothes, but her other half a cab driver could throw ketchup down his T-shirts daily.

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Of course, if you did have those tougher stains, a stain agent and bio powder would make far more of an impact. Overall, then, we concluded very good wash results, especially for a washer dryer. The very same could be said of its spin-dry performance. Those figures would be respectably good for a washing machine but are outstanding for a washer dryer as they traditionally have a more compromised drum design for spinning.

A great spin dryer, too, then.

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Like most washer dryers, the drying function is neither quick nor very energy-efficient compared to freestanding units, but it was effective and fairly accurate. Several runs later with differing load sizes showed the Whirlpool was very predictable in its results and invariably delivered clothes just a little damper than what you might expect. That is easy to navigate as you simply select the next highest drying level, made even simpler with four options from which to choose.

Pretty good drying as well then.

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