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Make sure you enter full and valid email addresses. While typing a recipient address, the app continuously searched your address book and suggests matching entries right below the input field. If you prefer to select recipients from a list of contacts, use the address book widget on the left side to look them up.

Write the perfect e-mail: tips for business mails

First, select the address book to browse on the upper part of the widget and see the contacts listed below. Only a limited number of contacts is displayed at a time so use the arrow buttons in the widget header to jump to the next page of contacts. Double-click a contact in the list to have it added to the To field immediately.

In order to attach files to the message, click the Attach button in the toolbar and then select the file on your computer using the file picker dialog that opens. Attachments to be sent with the message are listed on the right and can be removed again by clicking the Delete icon of the according file.

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Depending on your settings, the compose screen shows a simple text field to enter the message or a rich text editor with a toolbar that enables text formatting, bullet lists, image embedding and more. You can toggle the composition mode between plain and rich text HTML with the Editor Type selector which is hidden in the sending options bar. Expand the Sending Options by clicking the down-arrow on the left border of the message headers block. When in HTML editor mode, you can embed images right into the message text. Saved responses can be handy when repeatedly writing emails with the same text, e.

Note: these are only text snippets that can be inserted anywhere and not message templates with subject, text or attachments. Clicking the Responses button opens a menu that lists all the saved boilerplate texts by name. Simply click on one and the saved text will be inserted into the message at the position of the cursor, exactly where you stopped typing.

If you selected some part of the message text with the mouse before, the saved response text will replace the selection. When typing the same text for the second time already you might want to store it for future email writing.

In order to save a new response, first select the section of the message text that should be saved with the mouse and click Save new response from the menu behind the Responses button. This will open a dialog where you can review the text before saving. Give the new response a snappy name and click Save.

Give it a try! Block email open tracking inside of Gmail. If you happen to not want people to know when you opened or read an email they sent, check out PixelBlock. A simple site with pre-written emails. Canned Emails is a super simple site that contains a set of pre-written emails you can use. Find templates for: asking a question, granting a refund, requesting advice, rescheduling an appointment, unsubscribing politely or not to politely , and—seriously—breaking up with someone.

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This site is sure to offer a bit of utility, or at the very least, a laugh. Make replying to intro emails super simple. Handle is a super interesting app that essentially combines your email, calendar, and to-do list all in one place. Since our inboxes tend to become more like to-do lists over time, this is potentially a game-changing tool.

Easily change the subject line of any email.

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Rename Email will drastically improve your ability to search for exactly the emails you need, when you need them. Download the plug-in, and then feel free to change the subject line of any email you receive so you can find it more easily later on. This simple tool will keep you organized, help you break up long conversation threads, and make it easier to manage your inbox over time. Switch between Gmail accounts like a boss. There are so many different email apps out there, but Shift is one of the best from It was built for people who rely on multiple Gmail accounts and applications e.

Google Drive and Google Calendar. Now you can easily switch between multiple accounts and applications within the Google ecosystem. Transform your email into organized lists. Sortd is an entirely new way of processing your inbox. Sortd is a plug-in that essentially behaves like a skin over your Gmail inbox. Ahhh, how we love a useful email app—and we hope you found something on this list that makes it easier to manage your inbox. Sign in. Get started. Product Hunt Follow. Polymail A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac.

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If No Reply Simple email automation that works for Gmail. Boomerang Respondable Write perfect emails with Artificial Intelligence. PixelBlock Block email open tracking inside of Gmail.