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Possession crimes involve the personal use of drug paraphernalia, while possession or distribution charges involve selling or providing paraphernalia to others. Penalties Possession of drug paraphernalia is usually charged as misdemeanor offense , though felony charges are possible in some states and in some situations. Jail or prison. Some drug paraphernalia laws allow for up to a year in jail, though lighter sentences, such as up to 90 days, are also common.

A court may impose a jail sentence individually or in addition to a fine or other penalties.

Father and son, 2 others arrested on drug charges -

Time served. Fines are a common penalty for drug paraphernalia convictions, and courts often impose fines instead of jail sentences, especially for first time offenders.

Probation sentences are also common with possession of drug paraphernalia convictions. When a court sentences people to probation it requires them to comply with various orders for a number of months, typically 12 or more. Common probation orders include not committing more crimes, maintaining employment, paying all required fines and court costs, performing random drug tests, participating in a drug treatment program, or performing community service.

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Some drug paraphernalia offenders may be able to avoid a conviction by participating in a pretrial diversion program. Diversion programs -- also known by a variety of names such as deferred prosecution or pretrial intervention -- are designed to give first-time offenders the chance to make amends for the criminal activity without being convicted of a crime.

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A person who agrees to enter into diversion must comply with conditions that are nearly identical to probation, typically for a period of a year or more. After successfully completing the diversion program, the prosecutor agrees to drop the charges. Additional Information For more information on drug laws, follow the links below.

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How to Get a Possession Charge Dropped

Marshall County sheriff arrests 2 while investigating Grant area drug ring. Leisa Baker and Terry Williams.

Posted: Jun 18, PM. Scroll for more content On Tuesday, Shawndre Springfield of Akron was sentenced to eight years in prison for selling drugs that caused two fatal overdoses. Springfield had pleaded guilty to two charges of involuntary manslaughter.

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  • Prosecutors said Springfield sold carfentanil in July to a year-old Akron man who died after taking it. Police tracked the drugs back to Springfield and charged him with corrupting another with drugs. While out on bond, Springfield sold drugs in September to another person who shared them with a year-old Hudson woman who overdosed and died, prosecutors said.

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    Authorities accused Wilson of selling the drug. John C. Norman died of an overdose April