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A family member may step up and take on the role of conservator or guardian. The insanity ground is rarely used because it can be difficult and time consuming to prove. Before pursuing a divorce based on insanity, you should speak to a local family law attorney who can give you specific advice about your case. A divorce based on separation may be a better alternative depending on your circumstances.

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Whatever grounds you choose for your divorce, you may still be on the hook for financial support. A judge could require you to pay alimony or spousal support if the mental illness makes it impossible for your spouse to work. While divorce is never easy or simple, divorcing a mentally ill spouse can be especially complicated. Skip to Main Content.

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By Kristina Otterstrom , Attorney. Considerations when divorcing a spouse who suffers with mental illness. What Constitutes Insanity for the Purpose of Divorce? Proving Insanity Grounds A divorce based on one spouse's insanity can quickly become an uphill battle. Other Support Considerations Whatever grounds you choose for your divorce, you may still be on the hook for financial support.

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Should I file for divorce on insanity grounds to protect my kids? Discovery will allow both sides to get any necessary information they need before the trial begins. If there are any motions to settle temporary issues, the court will also hear them. When children are involved, there is a special custody track that only deals with issues regarding custody, visitation, and child support.

source url For contested cases, there is a Commissioner in Chancery appointed to hear the case and decide how any of the grounds apply and if they affect support orders. With uncontested cases, individuals may have the option to appear before a notary or an open court. Individuals can gain a better understanding of their options once they speak with a Virginia same-sex divorce lawyer.

Legally, one or both parties to the divorce has to have resided in Virginia for a minimum of six months before filing for a divorce. Virginia only has fault-based divorce, but that does not mean there has to be a specific reason. If both parties agree to the divorce, there must be a minimum six-month separation before they can file for divorce. If there are children involved, then the separation has to be for a minimum of one year.

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Additionally, the couple must write up and compromise to a property settlement agreement. A felony conviction and sentence of one year of a spouse, and after they are released, the couple does not return to their relationship. Going through a divorce is never an easy process for any couple.

Getting advice from a Virginia same-sex divorce lawyer can help you understand the process and realize what grounds are best for your situation. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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Awards and Accolades. Virginia Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer Divorces are difficult for everyone involved, whether it is just the couple that is separating or children also involved. Steps to Obtain a Same-Sex Divorce in Virginia First, an individual has to file a bill of complaint that states the grounds for the divorce and that the court has jurisdiction over this case. Court Orders If during this time there are temporary issues that need to be resolved such as child custody or spousal support, either party can ask for pendente lite orders.