Steps to expunge a criminal record pennsylvania

For example, you may be eligible for expungement of your criminal record.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help. The record of the arrest will generally not appear during criminal background checks done by potential employers, educational institutions, or others who perform a public background inspection. However, certain government agencies, including law enforcement agencies and criminal courts, will still be able to view expunged information.

Who Is Eligible for Expungement in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law permits anyone who was arrested for a crime but not convicted to apply for expungement. Expungement is available for a variety of circumstances beyond a conviction-less arrest, including if:.

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  6. Criminal Record Expungement Eligibility.

Yes, some records are not eligible for expungement, including conviction records for most felony convictions, repeat offenders, or those who fail to complete sentencing requirements for misdemeanor offenses. Additional records that cannot be expunged include:. Under Pennsylvania law , the expungement process includes the following steps:.

However, without expunging those records, this information can end up following a person around for years and create all kinds of problems. We have represented clients in all types of expungement cases, including governor pardons. Call the Zeiger Firm at , or contact us online , to schedule your free consultation and case review. Disclaimer Resources Sitemap.

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Pennsylvania record expungement

Philadelphia, PA Expungement Attorney If you were arrested on suspicion of committing a crime but not convicted, the history of your arrest may still be available to the public. Two exceptions to the above rules: 1. If you are found guilty of a summary, you can petition the court for expungement five years after conviction so long as you have had no arrests or contacts with the criminal justice system during those five years; and 2. Related Posts.

PA Criminal Record Check - A Step by Step Guide for eMentors

Expungement of Criminal Records in Pennsylvania. September 21st, 0 Comments. February 25th, 0 Comments. October 24th, 0 Comments. Expungement usually takes about 4 to 6 months. Take our free online eligibility test to see if you are eligible to have your PA criminal record expunged. People who were convicted of felonies or misdemeanors are not eligible for expungement, unless a pardon is received.

How Does the Expungement Process Work in Pennsylvania? | Joseph Lento Law Firm

The good news about pardons is that Pennsylvania is one of the easiest states in which to receive a pardon. Pennsylvania grants a lot more pardons than most states. Once a pardon is received, the court can expunge the misdemeanor or felony conviction. The court will consider many things when determining whether or not to expunge an individual's record.