Florida divorce force compliance of decree

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Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. In family law matters, the aggrieved party seeks a finding of civil contempt against the party who is out of compliance with the court order. The court examines the facts to see if the three elements necessary for contempt are present:. If the evidence proves contempt, the court imposes sanctions. However, since contempt is a willful act, a party who does not have the ability to fulfill the terms of an order cannot be found in contempt.

In the motion, you must explain what the other party has failed to do, such as having denied access to your child during scheduled parenting time or having failed to pay child support. Along with filing the motion with the county court where your case is being handled, you must arrange for service of process on the other party.

Enforcing Your Divorce Decree: Money and Property Issues

This puts the party on notice that you are taking legal action. We live in Maryland. I have been married 25 yrs and in and had Colon Cancer and Uterine Cancer and also have a gene that causes Cancer. I am going through a divorce and found out my husband is having an affair and gave me a std that causes cancer and I will have for the rest of my life and have to go to the doctor and take medicines for the rest of my life too.

I only worked part time and we lived off of his money while I took care of him and the kids and the house. In the divorce how likely can we make him responsible for my Ins premiums? The laws of each state are different, so it is imperative that you consult with someone familiar with the laws of Louisiana. Not sure I could afford to pick something up if I was outta work for a few months till next season. We have only been married for two years, and two other policies list me as the beneficiary. I know our income paid the premiums for the past two years, but she was married to him for 22 years and they paid the premium during their marriage.

In the midst of a divorce. My husband has moved out of state.

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He is the policy holder on my medical insurance and the court has ordered him to keep me on the policy until the divorce is final. Our insurance provider is refusing to send my explanations of benefits to my house and insists they go to my husband and his new girlfriend in another state.

I also want to see my explanations of benefits because I have significant deductibles and co pays that I personally have to pay. The insurance provider is refusing to send the information to me and refuses to stop sending it to him. Is there any laws to protect my privacy and rights during this time of waiting for the divorce to be final? My lawyer said he would try to get the papers signed close to that time but unfortunately the final divorce went through on Aug 19th. I also know that my ex went to the doctor this week. If I am still paying premiums through my employer and wait another two weeks still within the 30 days to let my employer know, would the coverage that I have already paid for stay as is and then COBRA could start from when I inform them or would they backdate to the 19th and reimburse me for what I have already paid.

Unless there was an emergency, I was thinking that maybe by the time the COBRA paperwork gets sent out then it may be past the Sept 30th date and it becomes a non-issue at that point, but since we now have this recent doctor visit, that may throw a wrench into things Just trying my hardest not to have to pay any more than I already have! Question during my husbands divorce his ex decided to continue to use the medical and dental coverage when she was told that she would be responsible for the bills!

We have called drs and ins to let them know and yet they continue to pay for her visits and her daughters. Which is only fair to us case if he gives her the money and then months later insurance sends us a bill for 10, that they paid out, it in return falls on our financial responsibility even tho we notified her the insurance and the drs that she was no longer covered. He agreed to give her 30k and he kept the paid off home that was his prior to marriage but was paid off while they where married.

Nothing was ordered it was voluntary. Eventually, I will be getting divorced after 20 years of marriage and 26 years together.

40 secrets only divorce attorneys know

I am on expensive medications and have to see a dr. I am self employed — even though initially I bring in thousand a year — business expenses can take me down to an actual yearly paycheck of 10 to 20 thousand … my salary is not set in stone unfortunately. I probably should just go on social security with the health issues but its not very much income. Thank you so much for any direction. I am going thru a divorce after being married for 17 years he decides that he no longer wants to be married. Our residence is Texas even though I was made to move out and moved to a home we had purchased in Louisiana to have when we retire and his kids and my kids live in La.

I filed for disability years ago and was denied due to his income.

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I am 53 years old and have worked most of my adult life up until I married him and I tried to work several jobs and could not keep a job due to medical conditions. He is going to have to pay spousal support and he has agreed to pay but only up to 2 years. Have you ever heard of this before and if so is there any way possible? He was very abusive thru out the whole marriage and has agreed to pay for the house in La. That leaves me to pay all of the utilities and not being able to afford insurance coverage on myself and my meds are very expensive.

My Attorney says that is abuse due to keeping me like a puppet on a string and I raised his kids while he worked offshore at that time.

Second Judicial District Court

He retained an Attorney and I was served on August 1, but before I was served I had a consult with an Attorney who I retained because I was in a state of shock. I also get half of his retirement but have to have it rolled over into an IRA or I have to pay taxes. I have the whole thing recorded per my Attorneys request to buy a recorder and he ranted for 50 minutes about everything I wrote in the earlier part of this conversation.

Mediation will be Oct 2. Thank you….. I just found out my x was using my insurance apparently my benefits department never received the final dissolution papers of the divorce that was final 5 years ago. What will happen?

Be sure your benefit department has the paperwork it needs. If my husband and I are living in separate homes but not separated or divorced yet, can I drop him from my employer sponsored health insurance during open enrollment? Should I remove her from my plan? She works at the same employer so she does have coverage if she needs it.

Talk to your attorney about what the wording means. My husband and I have not been married for very long. He was going to put me on his insurance through work since I am not currently working and am pregnant.

Enforcement of Orders, Non-Compliance of Court Orders, Failure to Comply

In the meantime I am living in a different state until we figure this out. Can he still put me on his insurance and would I be able to use it while living in a different state? It depends on the terms of the medical insurance contract.

Modification of Divorce Decrees

Just started the divorce process, part of the issue is because even though my husband has a full time job and makes basically the same amount of money as I, I am the bill payer. Rent, utilities, health insurance pretty much everything.

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Do I have to keep him on my health insurance policy during the divorce process. His employer does offer health insurance, and if I do, can I make him pay for the difference which is quite substantial. We had filed for divorce and my husband refused to sign anything or show up for any court dates. The divorce was withdrawn and he has moved out-of-state. I cover his health insurance. What is the obligation now that he has moved without notifying me? My fiance maintains health coverage for his children.